Overnight Stays


Have a Pet Sitter stay overnight at you home




 Overnight Stays (10-12 hours)


          Around 7pm-7am


          Includes a mid-day visit



Popular for elderly pets, pets with anxiety, multiple dogs or cats, fish, and exotics.


Playtime, your pets favorite game, ball/chase

    • Leash Walking- Excercise
    • Potty break in a fenced yard or a walk in the neighborhood
    • Each pets food routine
    • Re-fresh water bowl, bowl cleaning
    • Favorite treats
    • Litter box maintenance, sweeping around the litter box
    • Medication administration
    • Health Check - double check all pets wellness
    • Minor Cleaning - accidents or sweeping for fur
    • Fish Tanks- Feeding/Cleaning/Adding Water
    • Lots of TLC and Attention
    • Bringing in the mail and Newspaper Daily
    • Watering any Plants - Inside and Out
    • Alternating Blinds/Shades/Lights- to give the "at home" look
    • Home Security Check- Make sure things look normal
    • Bring Trash/Recylce bins to the street and/or back to the house
    • Light sweeping

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