Frequently Asked Questions??

What is pet sitting? 

            The act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner

             is away. We can travel to your home, any number of times

             per day, and provide playtime, potty breaks, fresh food and

             water, and much more. What pet sitting includes.



How much are pet sitting visits?

             Rates are based on individuals needs. We look at your location, your location compared to your pet sitter, how many pets do you have, any special requests, how long are you going away, time 

              on location and length of time, click here for pet sitting rates.



Why is pet sitting the better alternative? 

  • Reduced stress on pets due to the pets being cared for in their own home
  • No "travel trauma" to pets because they do not need to be transported anywhere
  • Exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals is minimized
  • Pets stay on their regular routines and do not need to adapt to a new environment
  • Not having to ask neighbors, friends or family members to help, or feeling that they are inconvenienced



Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

             Yes, we have a business license, and are insured and bonded for the pets

              safety and the homes security. With: Mourer & Foster




How do I get started with Wright Pet Care?

             Call,  850.324.0196  or email,   to set up

             your free Meet and Greet appointment, prior to your services needed.



What areas do you service?

             Pensacola, Perdido Key, West Pace,Midway, Holley by the Sea, Tiger Point,

             Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, South Cantonment, other areas with an 

             extra travel fee.



How is my information and house key kept safe?

             We do not disclose any client information to third parties. Your key

             is coded and kept in a locked box when not being used.



May I offer a gratuity to my pet sitter?

             Yes, you can add it to your payment if desired, leave a note to let us 

              know. Gratuities are not expected but are greatly appreciated.



What types of payments are accepted, and when do I pay?

              We accept Cash, Check  and Paypal - MC, Visa. Payments are due

              as follows: pet sitting- before you leave town, or for daily dog walking-

              at the end of each week, for in-home boarding - due at drop off.

              More details here.

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